March In Pictures

Well March, you have been marvellous, you've been magnificent and incredibly busy to boot. So it comes as no surprise really that I'm sad to see you slip away. In spite of that however, April is going to be an incredibly exciting time so while one door may be closing, another is swiftly being opened.

Here are some of the photographic highlights from the month that was:

From top to bottom:

1) My pass from the Designer Garage Sale Weekend down at the NZFF. Thanks NZ Girl for letting me help out!

2) A collage I made for one of my diary entries.

3) More cards were added to my collection after a visit to the Degas to Dali Exhibit currently running at the Auckland Art Gallery.

4) Daisies in the Botanical Gardens.

5) New shoes from Rubi! Despite being rather elevated, I wore these for a good 10 hours and found them extremely comfortable. Although walking down a gravel path is another story entirely!

6) Attended a family wedding this month and these are snippets of my outfit which I documented for a friend of mine.

7) Tried samples of Starbucks' new Coffee Jelly drinks. Basically it's a frappuccino without the ice and instead has jelly in the bottom. They are divine.

8) Visited my three year old cousin. This is his drawing of daytime. 

9) It's a tad hard to see but I discovered the Cat Effects app for iPhones. You upload photos to the app and then can insert cats into the images. It's highly addictive and extremely entertaining.

10) My lovely friend and fellow blogger Britney went on a trip to England & Ireland last year where she managed to come back with lots of amazing new vintage clothes. This petticoat is one of my favourite finds of hers and this picture really does it no justice. It looks amazing up close and always generates lots of smiles from passersby. 

11)  Attended the first of Taylor Swift's shows on her Speak Now Tour in Auckland. She is such an inspirational person and an amazing performer. 

12) Used my $50 voucher from the MAC Technique Seminar I attended last month and purchased a lip colour from the Shop MAC Collection along with a liquid eyeliner pen.

13) Whoopie pie from the Silo Park Night Markets.

14) Duffy has been listened to a lot this month, not sure as to why but her music never ceases to amaze me.

15) I was pretty unwell earlier in the month and one of our cats came and slept on my bed with me. It seems like nothing but it really did make the world of difference.

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