New Zealand Fashion Festival and what it taught me-Part 1.

Last week was the New Zealand Fashion Festival and because it coincided with the start of a new year at University the week was incredibly crazy, in the best possible way! I met so many people, got to help out at NZ Girl's stand for the Designer Garage Sale and even learnt some valuable pointers at the 2 seminars I attended, more on that shortly. It was a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity for Auckland to embrace fashion in the mainstream.

First up was a seminar presented by Jenene Crossan, an extremely influential lady and founder of NZ Girl and Flossie.com. Jenene's seminar detailed her exclusive tips on becoming a magazine editor, so naturally there was a lot of fashion bloggers in the room.

So what exactly were those tips for becoming a magazine editor?

1. Find your subject-You need to know what makes you tick and where your passions lie. What can you best educate an audience on?

2. Start a blog and network-Start writing now and post frequently. Get your friends and family to look at it and give feedback. It may be hard to hear but this step is vital if you want to master your craft.

3. Provide content for free-Bloggers cannot expect to make money off their work instantly, and with more and more media shifting content online, it is the perfect way for organisations to get your work known across a wider audience. On that note, make sure your work is seen! Make a Facebook page, start a Twitter account. Network.

4. Be useful-Find out who's responsible for the PR behind your favourite brands. They want you to talk about them and will take notice.

5. Repeat the above-Despite what we like to believe, career opportunities are never handed to people. Work for it and make yourself known in the industry. This'll better establish your name and will prove useful in the long run.

*Part 2 of this post will be shared soon!

-Photo of Jenene taken by the lovely Dani who attended the seminar with me.

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