How the tides turned (twice).

There's a quote which reads "don't let your mind wander, it is too dangerous to be let out on its own." This idea becomes increasingly clear when left to one's own devices, but is this contemplation for the better?

Anyway, two things have happened to me this week, both as a result of a change of heart. Firstly I've decided to close my Twitter account of three years. There have been a few people that have been curious as to why this is happening. The answer is really quite simple; I've been on Twitter since I was 16 years old and used my account to share personal insights into my day, converse with friends and contribute to the social networking table. While this has been great, I know the way I use Twitter will have to change if I want to promote this blog and my work more effectively. While I won't be vanishing from Twitter permanently I am reassessing the way in which I use it and keeping the personal thoughts off there, where possible.

Secondly, I have changed my tune on digital publications and iPads. If you'd asked me a year ago if I'd considered purchasing an iPad, chances are I would've laughed and then talked about all the experiences you miss reading something on a screen. Turning a page, sneaking a book around, reading in the bath-arguably all could be done with an e-reader but they wouldn't be the same. Anyway, lately I've been realising how much of a cost cutting exercise downloading digital issues and subscriptions could be. Not to mention the shelf space saved (my shelves are bursting with books and magazines). While it is a possibility at this stage, buying one would be a long way off until my budget settles itself down.

So that's two ideas I've been pondering over this week (I don't always think about Fashion!).


  1. I hope you'll still be around twitter though. Sharing your finds, purchases and blogs, as well as for conversation!

    Good luck saving your pennies for an ipad! I admit I'm still not a convert, but look forward to hearing how you find giving up the glossies :-D

  2. Of course I will Evie! It just won't be as Spamlike. If that makes sense.

    As for the iPad it's on the birthday wishlist. I won't be giving up the glossies for good per se, but I'd be buying less of them. Chances are I'd definitely need to trial one out first in case I don't like it.