New to the Beauty Bazaar: xo Beauty Brushes

It's a well documented fact that good tools, or in this case brushes really aid makeup application. When it was announced that local beauty guru Shannon of Shaaanxo was debuting her own range of makeup brushes I was rather excited & intrigued to say the least. Today I am going to share some thoughts with you about her xo Beauty brushes.

xo Beauty is a brand that provides professional and affordable brushes. They certainly are affordable with single brushes setting you back $26 and a 12 piece set coming in at $100. Beauty products can be more on the costly side for the Southern Hemisphere so this is a very good deal, especially as shipping is free for Australia and New Zealand beauty lovers, bonus!

Now onto the brushes...

First up we have the Flat Top Synthetic Face Brush. This is Shannon's favourite to apply liquid foundation with and of the two brushes I purchased this one is my favourite. This brush is super soft and the handle is perfectly sized to aid precise application. I applied my tinted moisturiser with this brush and will continue to use this when I pick up a new foundation. I apply this by buffing the product around my face and then using stippling motions to work it into the skin. I found the brush provided better coverage and blended my product in so well. This is the first stippling brush I've owned and it's safe to say that I love this one. They are out of stock at the moment but if you're thinking about getting this then it is definitely worth the wait.

I also picked up the Angled Top Synthetic Face Brush which in terms of size is identical to the flat top but has a different brush head. I've been using this to apply bronzing powder along my cheekbones. The brush deposits the perfect amount of bronzer onto the face and also blends beautifully. I also applied some liquid and cream products with this brush and it worked well with those too. While this brush may be a little too chunky for contouring sometimes it still performs well overall.

So all in all I have been really impressed by the xo Beauty brushes. Over the coming months hopefully some of the other brushes from the larger sets will be sold individually. I've got my eyes on the fan brush in this set in particular. If you're after affordable, high quality brushes then you need to check xo Beauty out. You won't be disappointed.

♥ I hope everyone has a fabulous day off, hurrah for short weeks! Today I am off to do a spot of shopping & froyo devouring with M. I'm back into work tomorrow but I feel so well rested which makes it less of a burden.


  1. Hey you got to try out the xoBeauty Brushes, so jealous I definitely would love to review, sucks about my bank account situation haha.
    They do look gooood!
    Samantha x

    1. I did indeed, these weren't too pricy to buy thankfully, $52 for two decent brushes isn't too bad in my books :). You should definitely try them sometime.

      S xo

  2. This post has made me want these brushes even more now!


  3. Good call. These are definitely worth the splurge! x