20 Positive Things

One thing that really helps to brighten my mood as well as unpack the ideas in my head is journalling. Not on a screen, on paper. It's why I carry around several notebooks everywhere and in a large part I credit writing with keeping me levelheaded. At least I think and hope it does. Today I thought I'd talk you through what I call my good vibes journal. Each day I try to write down a list of five positive things from the day. It could be something simple, like the way the sun shone down on the pavement as I walked to get my train, or a compliment someone paid me. I have been doing this on and off for years but more recently since the 15th of June, in the above Muji notebook you see. It is now just over three months since I started this so I thought I'd share with you a list of twenty things from those many days that are just positive anecdotes at their simplest. Idk if this is a lame post but I love reading these little life musings from people so maybe some of you will as well. Anyway, list incoming as well as the dates..

15/6: Reading Caitlin Moran's holiday tales at the carwash.

23/6: Winning tickets to see Tim Minchin! *Side note: This was amazing.

5/7: Learning effective new mindfulness techniques.

7/7: People saying lovely things.

14/7: Long chats with E. 

24/7: Feeling smiley at work.

2/8: Listening to Alexandra Shulman being interviewed by Richard E. Grant for Penguin & Jennifer Saunders on the Glamour podcast.

10/8: Engaging in fashion themed banter with L. 

20/8: Reading and underlining passages I connect with.

22/8: The song Younger Now x Miley Cyrus.

25/8: Exploring the Winter Gardens with Emma

29/8: Feeling confident rocking minimal makeup. *Side note: In honesty this confidence thing I'm struggling with a bit at the moment so it's definitely going to take time.

4/9: Vodka Daisies. *A drink at Bedford Soda Co. that I love.

9/9: Seeing Matilda at the Civic.

11/9: The twinkling lights out the train window at nighttime. 

15/9: Being honest.

16/9: Getting to vote.

3/7: Reading Frankie magazine during the power cut.

1/8: Lovely supportive blog comments and emails.

16/8: The in-depth article on feminism in Lula, Volume 16.

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