August Favourites

The end of August signals the end of Winter and the beginnings of Spring. Groundbreaking florals, brighter skies, higher temperatures. Yes please. Before September truly gets underway though it's time to reflect on the favourites from the month that was. I certainly found some beauty gems this month along with some extra favourites. In all honesty this post could easily have been much longer. Today though, here are seven things, from music to a pale-skin friendly bronzer I am smitten with...

Mecca Max Sunlit Skin Bronzer in Light: Do not look too closely at the imagery for this online. It is deceiving and nowhere near as orange so I'm not sure why it was photographed as being warmer. Photography qualms aside, I LOVE this bronzer from the new Mecca Maxima, or Mecca Max if we're being overly technical, range. This light shade gives just the right amount of warmth and a hint of radiance to the complexion. 

Zoeva Buffer Brush: After hearing Anna declaring her love for this brush many a time I had to grab it a few months back when Sephora NZ had a sale going on. It does not disappoint and is so luxe and soft. Despite being denser, it doesn't soak up your foundation like it's going out of fashion and makes blending so fast. I don't know what goes in to the making of Zoeva's brushes, magic possibly but whatever it is, it is wondrous. 

Glamour Magazine (UK Edition): Where has Glamour been all my glossy loving life? After grabbing an issue to take on a mini weekend jaunt back in July, I've kept an eye out for the upcoming issues. Great stories, inspiring women, a column with Dawn O'Porter. You have me sold Glamour goddesses. Their podcast is really worth a listen to as well. 

Zoe and Morgan New Moon Necklace: Last month I turned 25 and this was one of my presents. I've loved Zoe and Morgan for a long time and the fact this was for my 25th birthday makes it feel doubly special. That and I get to feel like Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch whenever I wear it. I don't know, I just like to pretend it has some kind of magic encased inside it. Moreover I love it and wear it most days now. It's like my ritualistic talisman. 

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Blinded By The Light: This is a thing of absolute beauty, in every sense of the world. I'm not one to apply highlighter with reckless abandon so I can appreciate something like this which does the whole wet look, somewhat subtler glow kind of thing. By all means you can dial up the intensity if that's how you like things, but armed with my duo fibre fan brush and an extremely light hand is how I prefer it to be. I like that there are also deeper colours, rose gold and a golden highlighter so there's something for every skintone. Well played Too Faced. 

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser: I know there's some whisperings about the politics and perhaps problematic nature of this brand online and I am certainly mindful of that. Some is just a bit outlandish, I don't think any beauty brand expects their products to only be used by people who are whatever society's version of flawless is. That'd skew the whole way in which the beauty industry works. Anyway, back to the product at hand. From the first time I used this lightweight, delight of a cleanser I could see why everyone loved it. Aside from being an absolute treat to use, it agrees with my skin and its refreshing, cooling texture goes down well after a long day. 

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful x Florence and the Machine: By no means a new album now, I think it's been three years almost since HBHBHB made its way into my life. Perhaps I am biased because Florence and the Machine are one of my all time favourite bands but it still holds up. Her lyrics are mesmerising, the orchestration is always theatrical and has such a cinematic, escapist quality to it. Queen of Peace is still undoubtedly my favourite song on the record but I love the whole thing. I often listen to it at work actually and have to resist the temptation to sing often. The struggle is sometimes real.

-What have you loved during August?

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