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Hello, happy Monday. It's been a whole entire week since I blogged. Spending the better part of a week without Internet and only shoddy hot spotting c/o my phone at the best of times will do that. I apologise and I am back now with a fresh lineup of posts, starting today with this one on things I've read on and offline during September. There's also a guest post coming on Wednesday so keep an eye out for that one too. Anyway, here's some of what I've been reading during the month. 

What Happened x Hillary Clinton: It feels like the last presidential election was an entire lifetime ago but it hasn't quite been a year since it happened yet. Anyway, when I heard Clinton was releasing a new book, set to be her most candid yet, I promptly requested it from the library. By the time you read this post I will either have just finished it or be coming close to finishing. It has not disappointed. As well of course as the intimate insights, it's really illuminated many of the problematic sides of the election; media involvement and spin, Russian interference, misogyny among countless other things. A lot of the backstory to the campaign to derail Hillary wasn't covered in much detail by the local media here so I found those insights particularly fascinating, albeit frustrating. Well worth the read, even if at times it's a bit depressing given the eventual outcome. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower x Stephen Chbosky: I had intended to revisit Gone Girl this month but decided I wanted something not quite as heavy instead so I opted for this. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my all time favourite novels. The way in which it describes the teenage experience but also delves into some darker issues is so well done. I also love the references to mixtapes, literature, Stevie Nicks, Rocky Horror, The Beatles and of course kids living life on their terms. As someone who never felt like they fit in during high school, this book is like a breath of fresh air. I do kinda wish I'd read it at that time because it might've put some of my experiences in a new light but in hindsight I am glad I discovered it when I did. 

Creatives Reading x frankie magazine: My love for frankie is incredibly well documented so I will keep this brief. The latest issue, number 79 contains a feature with creative types from Australia and their book recommendations. Georgia Perry (one of my faves, if only for her gorgeous pins) and Benjamin Law are just two of the peeps featured but the whole thing is worth looking at. As is the issue so grab yourself a copy. It's the flora and fauna adorned beauty currently on newsstands. 

Questionable Intimacy x Makanaka Tuwe: In my quest to support more local writers and talented wordsmiths I grabbed this on a whim in The Bread & Butter Letter. Wondrous, magic and a candid account of the self love journey. It's also a celebration of womanhood and black girl magic. Go get yourself a copy and prepare to be enchanted. 

Serial Book Clubbing: Laura's written this fantastic article on book clubs for Book Riot and I had to share it here. At present I am currently in only digital book clubs but I yearn for something more. Coffee, wine and banter with likeminded people perhaps. Passionate discussion about the words we love or loathe. I actually have a picture in my phone of a book club's flier I saw advertised so I seriously need to look into it. Alternatively, Aucklanders if you know of any good book clubs around that will accept someone who likes a hefty amount of literary banter, sing out.

-What have you read in September?

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