Five Things | September

September is here which means it's time to shine the light on five, very different things. There's some from around the web, a show which in many ways was somewhat ahead of its time and a book I really ended up loving. 

Too Much & Not The Mood: After admittedly taking a little while to get into the mood with this book, I was thoroughly rewarded. Structured in autobiographical essay form, but in a more free flowing, spontaneous kind of way. Too Much & Not The Mood looks at the nuances and smaller details that make up the moments that ultimately shape our lives. I've underlined and flagged passages to refer back to later on. "She is turning off the lights and climbing into her head because that's usually the move." is one extract that will stay with me for a while but the whole book is poetic and wondrous and lovely. 

Gossip Girl, Revisited: Your one and only source to the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite turns ten this year. Back in the day I was obsessed and it will always have a special place in my heart. The drama, the fashion, Chuck Bass. Anyway, it's on Netflix and while I've been housesitting I decided to start watching it again and it still feels incredibly fresh. That drama is clearly ingrained in my memory. Some of the 00's styling choices don't hold up and admittedly some of the voiceovers are a little bit cringe but I still love it anyways. 

Lovely Rita: Please excuse the obscure-ish Beatles reference and cast your eyes on these shells for your earlobes. Aptly named the Rita Earrings. They're made by local talent Albertine Lello of Pigment Studio and are just beautiful. Whether you want to channel your inner mermaid or just want a nostalgic throwback to the times you went to the beach and held shells to your ears, they'll deliver. 

Turning Dreams Into Plans: What is it about new seasons that seems to inspire change and with that reinstate a sense of ambition and wonder? Brighter days perhaps? Thinking aloud here but I have a few dreams I really want to make a reality and in the latter quarter of the year I will be working my hardest to make them happen. The difficulty for me will be not letting myself get caught up in self critique and just allowing it to happen. Although if the last few weeks are anything to go by, apparently my new mantra is "it is what it is". Watch this space...

Thought Catalog: As a first year Uni kid decades ago* I stumbled upon Thought Catalog. It is home to longer articles and essays, many designed to make you feel a sense of comfort I guess but also provide some inspiration. Anyway, recently I've been revisiting it and realising just how brilliant it really is. 7 inspirational messages for when you feel stuck is a great place to start. I'm definitely going to be making more of an effort to visit this site now.

*Well not quite that long. As Lorelai would say "I'm being dramatic. It's what I do."

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