Fragrances? For Spring...

Groundbreaking. Meryl Streep voice. Miranda Priestley style Prada bag drop on the intern's desk. Okay, Devil Wears Prada references aside, a changing of the seasons naturally calls for a change in scent. Out goes the musky, deeper notes in favour of something lighter and fresher. We are certainly spoilt for choice at the moment, with many of these fragrances releasing within the last month or so. Here's my pick of some of the new and exciting fragrances to add to your wishlist/pay day treat session. 

Girl of Now* x Elie Saab: Elie Saab has absolutely nailed what I love in a Spring fragrance. Fruity, with a hint of floral and deeper base notes, courtesy of tonka bean and almond milk. It is definitely a scent that packs a punch but it is very different to anything I have spritzed before and I am smitten. I'm not going to lie, the design for this bottle and its corresponding packaging have totally won me over as well. Can you blame me? Just look at the pictures here.

Gabrielle x Chanel:  Chanel is a design house responsible for many icons, from the quilted 2.55 through to their instantly recognisable perfume bottle designs and imagery. Last year they bought us a lighter, more youthful take on Chanel No. 5, L’Eau and this year they have Gabrielle, named for the brand’s founder. I spritzed this on counter when it released a couple of weeks back and it is exquisite. You can read up on the backstory of this one here. I really liked it on first spritz, it reminded me of a lighter, fresher take on Mademoiselle. I'd need to spritz it again though because I can't remember much beyond that. Reasons to not go fragrance researching at the end of a long day, #1. 

Kenzo World*: This is another fragrance that has totally won me over. I have a bit of a thing for eye motifs, ever since I had an evil eye bracelet given to me that I wore until it literally snapped off and ceramic eye beads went everywhere. Anyway, you may well be familiar with this advert which did the rounds when it first dropped. I think it's played on tv here too. Anyway, the fragrance itself is floral yet light. Are you noticing a theme here? With top notes of peony (my favourite), middle notes of jasmine and then base notes of ambroxan it is intoxicatingly wondrous and captivating.

Dolce & Gabbana The One*: The One is by no means a new fragrance but this lighter, fresher interpretation looks set to win over a new generation of fans. I love the campaign imagery featuring Emilia Clarke. D&G's original The One fragrance is so classic and nostalgic for me as one of my friends favours it as their scent of choice. Lily, lychee and musk are just some of the standout notes. I'm sure some people might class this as an evening scent but I like to wear it whenever. It's incredibly long-wearing too. As I write this at night I can still catch hints of the fragrance on me, after spritzing it in the early hours of this morning. 

-Have you tried any new fragrances lately?

*PR Samples but all love of sweet, decadent scent spritzes are my own

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