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When I talked about doing a guest post swap with Sophie I knew straight away I was going to talk about books. While Sophie and I have a fair bit in common, including our names, the main thing we discuss is books. The thing is though, we have very different tastes in books. I wish I could read all the fancy memoirs and non-fiction type books she does, but I just can't. Not that I'm saying she doesn't read other fiction books, you're her followers you know she does! 

Anyway, on with the show!
A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas

I feel like I'm forever going on about these books, but as you're not my audience (some of you may be though hi) I'm going to talk about it again. Mainly because they're great books, but also because Sophie couldn't get into them so maybe this will convince her to try again!

It's your regular fantasy/supernatural type story, however, it's unlike any I've read before. Nowadays there's a lot of wizards, vampires, and demon type stories, but I haven't found one like this. If I say it's about faeries you'll probably mark this as a no already, but these aren't the twirly pixie type faeries in kids books, these are High Fae. Basically, the second and third books of the series are much better than the first so if you can make it to those you'll love it. If you need a more in-depth review, I have one here.
Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Sophie's probably going to kill me for this, as I know Amy is one of her faves, but I've only a few months ago finished reading Yes Please. *Hey it's Sophie aka ME jumping in here. Sophie, you are off the hook. I have tried to push this book onto a few people now and haven't succeeded so the fact you read it pleases me immensely.* I knew everyone who had read it in the past loved it, but the thing that was putting me off was the fact I haven't really seen much of Amy's work. I've barely watched any SNL episodes or clips, and I've never seen an episode of Parks and Rec (I know I need to change this), so I just didn't think I'd enjoy it.

I've read Tina Fey's book Bossypants in the past which I thought was similar, but I had seen more of Tina's work. I won't say I loved Yes Please enough for five stars but I will say that because of how Amy talks/writes it's easy to get enthralled in the stories even if you don't fully understand the context of that one episode of Parks and Rec the story came from. (Also cough it was better than Bossypants)
Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

Again, another series I feel like I've been harping on about a lot recently but it's another series that has been around for a while that I knew I'd love. I just didn't get around to it until last month, where I read all five books. Gods, Demigods, and Beasts all based in New York; what’s not to love?  

While there’s so much action going on throughout these books, I wouldn’t call them action books. I hate action, but I loved this. There were only a few pages of fluff throughout the entire series and placed strategically to give you that small breather before the next big ‘actiony’ part. Trust me, okay? Read them. 
But Then I Came Back by Estelle Laure

This is a sequel to the book ‘This Raging Light’ although it took me until I was about three-quarters of the way through to realise this. I knew they were by the same author, but it took until that moment for me to go ‘oh that flashback sounds familiar what’. While the sequel wasn’t as good as the first, as most sequels aren’t, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I took it away with me to Rarotonga and basically demolished it in a day crashed out in the shade by the beach.

While it leads on from This Raging Light, the protagonist is different, the best friend of This Raging Light is our new storyteller and introduces us to a rather different way of viewing the people of these books. You can see why I didn’t realise it was the same people, especially as I read This Raging Light earlier last year. If you haven’t read either, do it now.
Now I promised Sophie my top five books but seen as I’ve included two series that technically total us out at ten books I think we can deal. Especially as I haven’t actually read anything else that I’ve enjoyed as much as these, I don’t want to recommend books for the hell of it!

Thanks Sophie for sharing your top five reads! Sophie, as well as having an awesome name also has a spectacular blog called Sofilly. You can also give her InstagramPinterest, and Twitter a nosy too. 

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