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Prints are one of my favourite things to spruce up a space. Especially now where I try to avoid blu-tacking things to my walls. I also daydream about having my own wall devoted to prints, photos and other framed oddities one day so they appeal to me in that regard as well. Recently I've acquired a trio of new prints so I thought I'd do what any blogger should; document them and then showcase them here for your eyes to peruse. Enjoy...

// Willow in a floral Jumpsuit x andsmilestudio: When I saw this on Etsy initially it made me smile and I just felt like it was so 'me'. Florals, red lip, messy hair. There's just something about it that I find so magnetic and captivating. The lovely Viktorija also threw in some of her illustrated cards as well, including a miniature of this which I keep in my diary. It's just exquisite and I am so happy with it. 

// Hold my bag x Studio Bon: Local illustrator Bonnie has fast become one of my favourite illustrators for her beautiful fashion and beauty illustrations. When she opened her own shop I knew I had to grab something and this Chloe Faye bag illustration was it. It is going to go beautifully with the colour on my wall, it's a similar albeit muted shade. It will also tide me over because the reality of me owning the real deal is unlikely unless I ever win the lottery. This Diptyque illustration is also stunning as well. 

// XO x Maiko Nagao: How gorgeous is this custom foil print? A couple of weeks back I was invited to skincare brand Trilogy's 15 year celebrations and this was in our goody bag. Along with a rather scrumptious cake from The Caker. Despite my love of metallics, it's actually not a feature of any of the other prints I have already so I'm looking forward to getting this up on my wall. Sparkles and shine are such mood raisers for me. 

-Where are your favourite places to find new prints?

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