A Lip Product Update

I do love me a good lip product, that's certainly not a secret. Over the last three or four months these six have made their way into the depths of my handbags. Whoops, #sorrynotsorry and all that jazz. There's balms, gloss, lipsticks and even a pencil in the mix. There's also a reality TV inspired purchase in there because I'm a marketer's dream. So what did I pick up? Read on...

L'Oreal Colour Riche Liquid Lipstick in Nude Ballet-The reality TV inspired buy in question. This is supposed to be the lip colour Kim Kardashian wore on her wedding day earlier in the year. These remind me a lot of the YSL Glossy Stains in terms of their formula. They also have a very YSL-esque scent to them. Nude Ballet is basically Mac's Peach Blossom but in gloss form. As it does have a more glossy finish, the lasting power's not as great as some of these other lip products but it does leave a slight stain on your lips which is never a bad thing. Ain't nobody got time for touchups..

Mac Ruby Woo, part of a limited edition set*-I used to own Ruby Woo a couple of years back but sold it on last year. I'm not really too sure why that was but since having this back in my life I've regretted that decision. Ruby Woo is a classic, staple red that every girl needs in her collection. Yes it's a little bit drying but if you apply a lip balm to your lips first and something like a gloss over the top it becomes more bearable. It's my go to red this festive season.

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna-This lipstick seems to have been out of stock in NZ for a while so during a #feelingspendy moment I picked this up from Nordstrom online. It does not disappoint. The Audacious lipsticks seem to have a semi-matte finish. The shade Anna is just beautiful and if I could wear it on my lips every day I would. If you want to see what it looks like on, check out Anna's post

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Sparkling Dewdrops-I feel like this will be a bold claim but Tanya Burr's lip glosses have to be among my favourites that I have tried this year. Gorgeous colours, beautiful finishes and comfortable on the lips. Sparkling Dewdrops is one of her newly launched shades. It's peachy pink with the subtlest hint of sparkle. These are such great glosses and they don't break the budget. I Found Nemo is next on my wishlist.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Lip Balm, limited edition*-The Glazed Apple range is my favourite from The Body Shop this year. It's such a shame it's limited edition because these products honestly smell so amazing. They remind me of lollies and Granny Smith apples. Nom! This lip balm doesn't feel too heavy on the lips so it's perfect to apply before lipstick. As it's limited edition I'd suggest you get your hands on this now before they're all snapped up as Christmas gifts.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pink Venus-This has been on my wishlist for a while now and after seeing it look stunning on Alix, it just had to be added to my basket. I've still not used this yet as I'm saving it for Christmas Day but no doubt you'll see a selfie or something when it makes its debut.

*Have you picked up any lip products recently?

-I hope everyone's having a nice week so far! This week's been a bit less chaotic than the last. I went to check out some Christmas lights on Monday night and they were so awesome! I wish I'd bought my camera but I think we are going back to them. Oh and if you're wondering how my audition went, I sadly didn't get in to the show. There was so many talented people there, way more talented than I am so I wasn't too surprised. I'm disappointed not gonna lie but I'm just glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and gave it a go.

*PR Sample

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