Christmas Decor

Hello and welcome back to another Blogmas post! It's Day 5 and myself, Caelan and Jess are all writing and documenting one of my favourite things, Christmas decorations. It's probably no secret that I love Christmas decor so the fact we have a real Christmas tree this year really excites me. I also seem to have a habit for collecting new decorations and I love setting up all the decorations around the house. If you want to have a lil' nosy at how we decorated our house and how I've made my room look a little more festive then keep reading..

-A little close-up of one of my favourite sections of our Christmas tree. That rose-covered bauble is one of the decorations I chose last year and it was from Smith & Caughey's I believe.
-My room's inspiration board looking a touch more festive. I was trying to channel Jenna Rink when she makes editorial mood boards in 13 Going On 30. The Christmas cards are from Kikki K and Typo. The star was from Bed Bath'N Table

-Some of the decorations along the bottom of my pinboard and also on my wall. I don't have a big enough bedroom for a Christmas tree although I do want a mini one, next year! The two on my board were picked up last year and they're both from Smith & Caughey's I believe. The snowflake was from Bed Bath'N Table.
-Some bunting Mum made last year. We have this hanging above the ceiling in our kitchen/dining area.

-Some faux berries on our table. You may have seen these in the background of my YouTube videos recently and I'm not gonna lie, I kinda wish they could be out on display all year.

*I hope you've enjoyed this post! Let me know what you're loving for Christmas decor this year in the comments and be sure to check out Caelan and Jess' posts too.


  1. That holiday bunting is so cute! I absolutely love it.


  2. I love the bunting and the berries! We didn't decorate until Christmas Eve, but only had a bit of bunting and some lights - no tree or anything. I suspect the lights will stay all year round now hehe

  3. So cool right!? It'll be sad when they get taken down. x