Violet Magazine

The day I heard Leith Clark was leaving Lula, one of my absolute favourite magazines, was a sad one. Lula was once described by Tavi Gevinson as being crafted by fairies. Now I'm not saying Leith Clark is a fairy although her styling does have a whimsical feel to it. Anyway, all was not lost as she's founded a new magazine, Violet. The new publication is a mix of the best of fashion, culture and lifestyle. 

The second issue's cover star was Alexa Chung who has an in-depth editiorial and interview further into the magazine. There's also contributions from women like Kirsten Dunst, Stephanie LaCava and Keira Knightley. Leith's impeccable styling is present as well. I could go on. There's also a short story in the mix.

Violet to me is Lula's adult sister. She's still a lover of magic and inspirational women, but she's also a bit more intellectual. She wants to know about the world around her as well as have the access to dreamy fashion editorials. It's a hefty tome but this would be such a great magazine to take away to the beach or the cabins this holiday season.

Violet Magazine is stocked internationally but for those of us who can't access it, you can pick up a copy from Newsstand Magazines like I did. Their shipping is super fast too.

*Have you read Violet magazine before? What did you think of it?


  1. stop making me jealous with all these gorgeous magazines that I can't get in the US! :P

  2. I think you can get it in the US! I've seen it mentioned somewhere online. Google it x