Best of 2014 #3: The Skincare, Haircare & Extras

We're at the finish line when it comes to favourites videos for 2014. This time I've rounded up some skincare, beauty tools, even some haircare. There's also a couple of non-beauty favourites in there too because I just couldn't leave them out. I'm also sporting my current favourite piece of clothing. More on that tomorrow. Oh and if you're feeling fancy feel free to subscribe and leave a question for my Q&A, there's more in the downbar. Other than that sit back, relax and enjoy! I'll be back tomorrow with another installment of The Week.


  1. Can't believe next month is 2015! It's so crazy!! Great selection of videos xxx www.sanspareilonline.com

  2. I know right!? 2014 has gone crazy fast. Thanks Rebecca x