Christmas Memories

Hello everyone and welcome to The 12 Days of Blogmas. It's Day #1 and myself, Caelan and Jess are all getting nostalgic, throwing it back to the nineties and the early millennium. It's time to think about Christmas past...

For me, Christmas has always been an exciting time of the year. For as long as I can remember I know Christmas has enchanted me. When I was younger I used to often sing in local Carol concerts so I have memories of Summer nights under the stars, singing with my friends. We didn't really have traditions as such, at least not ones I can remember. There was the standard milk and cookies left out for Santa and grass for the reindeers I believe. I used to love Christmas movie-watching too! Elmo Saves Christmas was a favourite and also The Muppet Christmas Carol. The latter made me just a bit sad though. Nowadays it's all about Love Actually and Elf, when I can find it on tv.

I remember whenever we received clothing as gifts it'd become mandatory to try it on and have a modeling session in the lounge. I'm not sure whose idea that was but I'm sure it was more for the amusement of the adults. There's footage of that actually which really shouldn't be in existence. There's also footage somewhere of me getting really overexcited at receiving a fake purple hairpiece. No, that was not last Christmas. We used to often spend Christmas close to a beach with my cousins as I have family who live near a beach. So I guess I associate Christmas with Summer and swimming in the ocean. There was also the mandatory iceblock at the dairy afterwards on the walk back to the house.

I feel like I could go on for a while about how Christmas is always exciting for me. Aside from being a time for giving and receiving, it's also a time for reflection and celebration and of course memories and spending time with people I love and don't get to see as much during the year.

*What do you love about Christmas?

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  1. Cute that you left grass for the reindeers! We always used to leave carrots. I watch Love Actually every year - can't wait! They had a showing at silo park I think on Friday but unfortunately I'm not in Auckland at the moment :(

  2. Aw I would leave popcorn in the lawn for the reindeers, and I love Elf! I just finished watched it a few nights ago!

  3. Aww that's so cute Jess! Oh my gosh Elf is so cute-I've been trying to find it on DVD here but it's impossible to locate. I think we're going to watch it on Christmas Day though at my cousin's. x

  4. Haha yeah I'm sure they loved it. Yeah there was one on Friday! I kinda wish I'd gone because I've seen photos people took from that night and it looked magical. x

  5. My family doesn't really have Christmas traditions, but my fondest memories are the time spent with family. On my Mom's side we would put down a hangi, eat fresh seafood and have loads of fun. With my Dad's family we would always end up playing backyard cricket - there are 6 siblings and 16 cousins so it was always loads of fun. In both houses, anyone who showed up was welcomed into the family, be it friends, partners or even work colleagues travelling on business. This year, Christmas was very quiet with just my partner and our boy - a big change from Christmases past!

  6. Oh nice! Fresh seafood is the best. I have 4 cousins on each side so there's never too many people but that can be nice sometimes. I hope you had a nice Christmas Meagan xx