My Beauty Icons

If you've read Sali Hughes' book Pretty Honest, you'll be familiar with her chapter on beauty icons. It's a feature she regularly has over on her site as well. While I don't have my copy of the book to hand (yet), I remember really loving this section and wanting to put my own spin on it. There's many women whose beauty I admire. It could be in the makeup they use to express themselves, the way they put their outfits together or their beautiful spirit and how they hold themselves. Today I am going to share with you three of my beauty icons and why I think they're beautiful.

Rosamund Pike-Ever since I first saw Rosamund onscreen as Helen in An Education  I was utterly mesmerised. She was absolutely striking in that film and despite being a secondary character her beauty really shone through whenever she was in scenes. Even in Gone Girl when Amy Dunne is at her craziest she still looks striking. It was almost hard to be mad at her character actually. She has very classic, elegant style and always looks so put together. Her makeup and hair is always effortless too and so chic. Her presence really shines through regardless of what makeup is on her face. She's just so classy. #girlcrush

Alexa Chung-Alexa freakin' Chung. She's often labeled the ultimate "it girl", a title I don't like. You cannot deny she is just so effortlessly cool though. Her style may not be as clear cut. It seems to change on the daily. I love her ballet-class outfits when she's been to Ballet Beautiful or her Glastonbury outfits. Side note: I clearly read too many Alexa interviews...Her makeup though is so on point. It's perfect in that kind of 'no makeup, makeup' way. Let's be real, nobody else has eyeliner game quite as strong as Alexa. If I can grow up to be as freakin' rad as her one day I'll be really happy.

Keira Knightley-When I think Keira I think modern day Audrey. Aside from her enviable couture outfits and her parisian chic street-style, she also has that presence which makes you forget whatever else is going on in films and editorials. She's just so beautiful. Her makeup is also so simple and effortless. Are you noticing a trend here? I love her Chanel campaigns and also her faux-wedding video in Love Actually. Google 'em and prepare to have emoji hearts for eyes after.

*Who are your beauty icons?


  1. I can't remember what I first saw Rosamund Pike in (perhaps Pride and Prejudice) but I think I've been in awe of her for awhile, she's stunning! Definitely a beauty icon for me x

  2. You've just reminded me that we have that version of P&P. I never knew she was in it! I may have to re-watch it tonight x

  3. I can't wait to read Sali Hughes' book it sounds fab. I do love Rosie Huntington Whitley, she was the inspo behind getting my hair colored caramel and I do love her bronzy glowy makeup looks.

  4. It is so good! I hope you enjoy it. Rosie Huntington Whitely is such a babe. I love her makeup+hair looks that she sports on the red carpets x

  5. Yes, I love the whole simple, beautiful no-makeup makeup look (but it's so hard to achieve effortlessly) :P Just gotta leave it to the style icons then