The Week #135

The best present ever-For the longest time I have wanted a subscription to Frankie. I feel like magazine subscriptions are one of those things we tend to not buy ourselves and I am always so happy when I am gifted one. My lovely family got me a subscription to Frankie this Christmas and the first issue came earlier in the week and I was so excited. This issue also comes with an awesome wall calendar for 2015 and some illustrated Australian postcards. It's loaded with a lot of extra content too and I can't wait to read it on my mini-breaks.

Hydrangea Ranger Pop Up-One of my favourite local designers, Hydrangea Ranger has a pop-up store open at the moment at Widdess in Ponsonby. If you're a bit behind with your Christmas shopping for your girlfriends, Mum, Nan and the other important ladies in your life then I suggest you head here. There's rad prints, jewellery, vases and more. I wish I could go there in person but instead I'll have to look at the beautiful 'grams of the setup.

A word for 2015-I'm not sure about you, but I don't really like the idea of New Years Resolutions. They're great in theory, but I find it lame when I don't meet them. Instead I prefer to make short term goals within the month or across a couple of months. I really like Shauna's approach though. She's chosen a word for the year and is making goals around that. Her word was create, and I'm still thinking of one for myself. Would you like me to do a post when I decide?

Lindsay Lohan's Top Shelf-Lindsay Lohan was my idol for the longest time. Her movies were a huge part of my childhood+teen years and I still watch them now. I was excited to see her Top Shelf featured on Into The Gloss this week along with her beauty secrets+loves. She's a Charlotte Tilbury fan, Mac makeup maven and isn't afraid to mix and match fragrances. Fellow fans or beauty lovers, go have a read.

An easy+delicious Christmas treat-Peppermint+chocolate are one of my favourite pairings. Throw Oreos into the mix and you have something rather delectable. Last week I made this Peppermint Chocolate Bark and it was amazing. Aside from being ridiculously simple to make, it's perfect to whip up last minute for a Christmas party or if you have unexpected guests turning up for drinks and gift exchanges. 

*Have an amazing weekend everyone, and good luck if you're out doing your Christmas shopping this weekend. I have one present left to buy but I think I'm just going to get it online. I don't fancy going near another shopping mall for a while. Tonight I am off to Katy Perry with a family friend. I'm so excited to finally be getting to see Katy live. Tomorrow we have a pre-Christmas party of sorts at our place and other than that I'll just be chilling and attempting to start packing my bags before I head away early next week. 

Also, you may notice Blogmas halting. I didn't really realise how full on I was going to find that and maintaining my regular blog schedule+everyday life. This week has honestly been so crazy and I'm knackered. There'll be another post up tonight but there may not be any others. Sorry guys! I now have way more respect for people who daily blog and vlog because it's a lot of work. 


  1. Ahh, I miss Frankie. It's a lot more expensive here and cashflow is short at the moment. I'm glad it's not a monthly!

  2. Frankie is one of my favourite magazines! The photography & content is always amazing. That Peppermint Chocolate Bark looks delish x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  3. That sucks the cost is inflated over there :( but you're right, at least it's a monthly! You should get some family/friends to ship it over to you x

  4. Isn't it amazing!? I am so obsessed with it. That Peppermint Bark is delish-you'll have to make it Angela x