30 Day Challenge, or how I'm punishing myself in the month of May.

So here's a confession, I'm a shopaholic. Unfortunately I always have been, and it seems to be hereditary. Deciding to go 30 days without buying things I don't really need was always going to be a challenge, unsurprisingly.

So far I'm a week in (as I write this) and I'm surviving, just! Sure those daily deal emails & retail newsletters sit in my inbox a little less longer than normal, and Auckland's High Street gets walked up a lot faster than usual, but I am coping, sort of...

I have to confess though that the retail police may find me getting these (see below) done last week as a minor offense. In fairness, my appointment was made long before the 30 Day Challenge was even thought up.

Hopefully it stays smooth sailing and not too many people want coffee dates or shopping sprees this month! Expect an update near the end of May.

If anyone has any ideas for future 30 Day Challenges then comment below. I may just choose to do them.

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My nails as photographed by Leah.

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  1. Ah hah! I challenge you to the out of character challenge! You have to do something out of character every day for 30 days and blog about it. No repeats and evidence is good but not required! Can you do it?