What I Love Weekly #4

1. This interview by Daniel Radcliffe of his conversation with Helena Bonham Carter. "F**k it is my guiding philosophy." Read it, enjoy it, fall in love with Helena.

2. Not buying a Fashion Set at MAC. Don't get too excited by this, you have been warned! The colour I really liked was not as amazing as it looked in the photos online, and none of the other colours from the Asia-Pacific collection really appealed to me. So yay! I saved 106 dollars.

3. High tea in fancy places. Today I am taking Mum to The Langham as a late Mother's Day treat. Looking forward to tea, china, pretty place settings and mini food. Oh and dressing up for the occasion!

4. Dressing up lips. This week I've been rotating my lip colours quite a bit. It's always a nice way to add something extra to a look if you don't want to go too extreme with accessories.

5. Perfume counters. They're like a playground to me. Seriously. I spritzed myself with Dolce & Gabbana's The One before an important event yesterday (see 7). It's a favourite of one of my friend's and I felt so sophisticated wearing it. Also loving Elie Saab's signature perfume. It is to die for.

6. Strangers who say the nicest things. I was told by someone who I've never met before that my makeup looks amazing and I style myself really immaculately.  They even asked me where my outfit's components were from. Thank you so much kind stranger, you really made my day.

7. Exciting opportunities. Yesterday I got to interview someone rather awesome, and it was the biggest interview I've done to date. So to say I was excited is an understatement. It was the most fun I've ever had talking to someone and learning their stories. I feel grateful for chances like this.

And now for something unexpected....

WIDL #1.

-Hopefully this segment doesn't become a permanent feature, after all WILW is about the positives. Something unfortunate has happened though readers. I broke my 30 Day Challenge, 15 days in and got a new black dress from Glassons. Damn wanting to make a lasting impression! Not proud of myself. If it's any consolation, I couldn't get money back for something else I got at Glassons to go with it. Damn you store credit. Damn. You. 

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