What I Love Weekly #2

1.  Pampering. Today I'm getting my nails done by the lovely Leah Light. Leah always does an amazing job and it is always great to catch up with her. I'm sure future me will tell you that I am going to love my new nails!

2. This lipstick; Heroine from MAC's limited edition, Reel Sexy range, $40. This colour was the favourite among kiwi fashion bloggers and I was lucky to get one of the last in this shade. There are also some gorgeous apricots and peachy pinks available so do go check them out.

3. Anna Wintour, goddess to fashion. A friend and I were discussing how Anna says some of the most fashionably insightful things this week. Here's an excerpt of Wintour's wisdom:

4. This post on self belief and self worship by Britney over on Lemonwood and Honey blog, read it and your day will become brighter. Plus this e-book by the inspiring Gala Darling. I downloaded the first chapter (yet to read) but if the MP3 reading is anything to go by it'll be an eye-opening experience.

5. Florence & the Machine's Ceremonials tour arrives in Auckland in 24 days! Excited doesn't even begin to cover my emotions surrounding this.

6. Catching up with friends who you have not seen in a long time, chattering away for hours on end with them. Simple pleasures. I should do this more often.

7. This article from Women's Wear Daily. This move by Vogue's editors is absolutely a step in the right direction. Go Anna, Kirstie, Alexandra et al.! 

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