What I Love Weekly #5.

1. I will be seeing Florence Welch in three sleeps! I've been waiting for this since October/November last year. This weekend I am making signs for myself & my friends to carry, and getting crazy excited. Watch this space.

2. Cheap but decent coffee. My coffee was undercharged on Monday. It tasted so much better after that.

3. "Thank you! Hold the dream." That tweet was to me from Kirstie Clements, former Editor in Chief of Vogue Australia. Her departure left me rather miserable one afternoon earlier in the week, so I naturally was thinking about how much she'd be missed from the magazine & all the amazing things she did for it during her tenure. She is going to go on to something equally amazing though, I know it.

4.  Last week I asked someone what the best piece of advice they've ever been given was. They said; "Don't sweat the small stuff. That can pretty much get you through anything." We talked about it for a bit and it is absolutely true. Think about any problem or frustration you have and then tell yourself this. Did that problem all of a sudden become less of a deal? It works wonders.

I told you I was psychic! Look what came home with me yesterday. Lula was sitting in my letterbox when I came home as well. I love getting things in the mail.

5. This new campaign, WTF New Zealand launched by Rainbow Youth & Outline. You'd think in this day & age campaigns like this wouldn't need to exist. Sadly they do. So watch this, and help end the discrimination towards Gay & Transgendered Citizens of New Zealand! Go out & ask those haters, WTF. Spread the word.

6. Hey Sailor launches at MAC on Monday. Does it feel like they drop new collections super quickly these days? Anyway, I am in blissful love with this pigment. It's named 'Old Gold' & will retail for $50. It'd be perfect on Monday night to complement my Florence makeup look. Just saying.

7. Putting on lots of hats. Wednesday was a crazy day for me. I felt like a Barbie doll who can do EVERY career possible. It was insane, but fun & incredibly rewarding.

8. Fleur De Force, beauty vlogger. Usually I don't enjoy beauty videos, but after watching Fleur's Nail Caviar review & then this I was impressed. I can't wait to watch & learn some more from her over the weekend.

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