Today I went shopping at Topshop Online. I wish I'd purchased...

I'd be quite happy with any of the following for my birthday. What a shame it's still three months away...

1. Black Drape Front Mac, £89. 

2. Pastel Microdot Ankle Socks, £4.

3. Swan Print Skirt, £34. 

4. Sleeveless Stripe Shirt, £32. 

5. Magiepie2 Toecap Pointed Shoes, £28.

6. High Voltage Nail Polish, £5.

7. Glitter Cats Eye Sunglasses, £16.

8. Triangle Geo Drop Earrings, £12.50.

-All product photography has been sourced from Topshop's official website. 
-All prices are in GBP. 

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