April in Pictures.

Oh April you were awesome, action-packed & a little bit awful. That's okay though, all the great things that happened totally made up for the bad. Does it scare anybody else that it's May already? This year seems to be going way too quickly!

Here's some of the documented highlights from the month that was:

From left to right:

1) Easter was the perfect excuse to indulge in Marshmallow Eggs. We even tried different flavours like choc mint & hokey pokey too, which were just as tasty if not more.

2) Glassons on Queen St unveiled a new look this month & it's safe to say this store looks fantastic. It reminds me of Urban Outfitters & some of the high street stores in London, which is always a good thing. Plus, one of my friends is responsible for some of the new features in there. Check it out if you're in Auckland.

3) My pinboard had a makeover this month. I was going for an old Hollywood vs Garden Party theme.

4) My iPod died completely about three or so weeks ago now. Definitely not a highlight of the month, I still haven't replaced it. 

5) Had my nails done at Magic Tan and Beauty. The colour you see is a Colour Gloss shade called With It. 

6) High tea was enjoyed with one of my school friends over the holidays & it inspired me to drink tea a lot more often. Best served with cake & presented on china.

7) This envelope contained some reproduction prints for a friend. I sent & handed out quite a few envelopes & surprises this month. I love surprising people.

8) After my iPod died I had nothing to entertain me on the trains to & from Uni each day. Until I remembered I had a stack of reading material to get through! For the last 3 weeks I've been reading issues of Frankie Magazine & books. It's the best way to lose track of time.

9) New things from Pencil & Peter Alexander! I had lovely chats with people in both these stores, friendly salespeople are a rarity.

10) Tim Blanks, yes THE Tim Blanks was in Auckland last week. Nobody told me this. He also gave a talk at The Department Store. Gutted I missed out.

11)  New books arrived from ASOS! Looking forward to reading Alexandra Shulman's (She's the editor of British Vogue) & of course the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

12) A bit of self motivation on my deadline chart I made. One down, six to go.....

*For the observant readers, my April Photo A Day Challenge failed pretty badly. There is no part 2, I guess after one go at this (see here & here), I just wasn't as inspired. 

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