Brilliant Blogs, Edition 4.

Last month's brilliant blogger Isaac Likes seriously does have the best stories to tell and knows some rather awesome people. One of those people is Gala, of Gala Darling blog.

Gala is a blogger from New Zealand who is now based in New York City. She loves writing, traveling, good music, shoe shopping and radical self love.

She's described by some as 'New Zealand's answer to Carrie Bradshaw' and her blog is a treasure trove of pink, glitter, style and inspiration.

I love Gala's blog because it is all about the positives. I don't think I've ever seen anything remotely negative on her blog and that's why she has such a responsive audience. Her extensive outreach via her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds is testament to that as well.

You may be having an awful day, or be lacking inspiration in your everyday life, but there will always be something on Gala's blog that will make you feel better, or inspire you at the very least. Have a read of her '100 things to do when you're upset' list or '100 ways you can start loving yourself right now' if you want somewhere to start.

"When I started my website I wanted it to be uplifting and positive and fabulous and frivolous and fun. And if they think I'm superficial, that's fine, because I know I'm not."

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-All photography is from Gala Darling.com.

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