What I Love Weekly #3

1.  It's always awesome when someone unexpectedly gives you one of the nicest compliments. Even more so when you regard them highly. Thank you, you know who you are.

2.  Realising how genuine some people are. I find this really comforting. Knowing there are completely genuine people who love what they do, and do so with the best of intentions is amazing.

3.  Receiving cute things in the mail. I love getting mail almost as much as I love sending it. So when a card from Cecylia made its way into my letterbox, my day was made a bit brighter. A lovely discount voucher arrived from Space Pearls' Etsy store as well. Thank you ladies xx.

4.  Private karaoke sessions in an empty house. The best time to listen to what you like and sing as loudly as you want. Just make sure the windows are closed!

5.  This editorial from Vogue Korea featuring Karlie Kloss. She always takes such stunning pictures and is an incredibly adaptable model.

6.  Macarons at Dizengoff (see above). Without a doubt, the best Macarons can be found at Laduree in Paris. Yet these are the best I've found in Auckland. They're by J'aime Les Macarons. Click the link if you want to order some.

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