12 Ways To Be More Awesome

A guest post by Britney Hazeldine

We can all be awesome! We already are. And these are my 12 tips to making your life that little bit brighter and happier. Who doesn’t want to lead an awesome and exciting life? We all deserve it!

      Brighten your life through clothes and your space. I firmly believe that a clean and happy looking environment affects the way you live and lead your life. I’ve just finished a massive spring clean and it was amazing!! I feel so so much lighter and, in a weird sort of way, free.
      Take time out. Take a moment for you. Sometimes we just need a break and time to recharge. Sometimes it's good to stop and look around at the life that we’ve created for ourselves.

      Act like a child every so often. A wise man once said “Never knowingly be serious” and sometimes these are the words I live by. Being relaxed, letting go and being carefree, some of the aspects of a child’s personality, can really do you some good. Have you seen children? I don’t mean the bullying fourteen year old girls. I mean the children from 2-4.  Be amazed at the world around you. Because, it is brilliant. And extraordinary. And amazing too!

      Find something you love and do it often with all the passion you have in your heart. I think this is kind of a no brainer. People spend years stuck doing something they hate. And I understand. I do. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do what you love at the same time. Make what you love your hobby and then it’ll will become your job.

      Participate. I like to see life as a party. For me life is a pretty party, a tea party, a children’s party with lots of colour and fun. For you it can be a drunken party, a knitting party, a book club party. It can be any type of party you want. Life is a party. So why not participate? Interact. Make friends. Whatever field you are in the more you join in and participate within the community the better your life will be and the faster you will achieve your goals.

      Dress well, not necessarily to trend but to your taste. I believe that dressing the way you want, whether its pjs in the supermarket or nine inch heels will dictate the way you feel. If you feel beautiful and amazing, your life will be just the same.
      SMILE at the positive. Find the good stuff in life and be thankful for it. When I am down or stressed one of the things I always remember is the fact that I am still alive. This gets me to realise that life is good, and if its bad right now, it won’t last. Eventually it will end and life will be good again. Better than good.

      Make your mornings something special and then the rest of the day will follow suit. Now that I am finished at uni I wake up at 6:10 (I know, early) and take the dogs for a walk. I love walking in the mornings when everyone is still tucked into bed, there is a cold nip in the air and the sun is rising. I am so thankful during these times and my dogs love it too! If I start the day off right, the rest of my day follows suit. Therefore making me awesome!! (I also have a fresh smoothie for breakie! Yummo!!)

      Figure out who you are and stick with it. I know who I am. And it makes me so happy. Rather than following trends follow your heart. Stick to your values and beliefs. No matter what people around you say or do. For example I don't drink alcohol. It's just not me. Even though alcohol is a big thing for someone my age, its just not a part of my life and I am happy with that decision!
      Live the life you want. Love the life you live. I suppose this harks back to find something you love and do it often. You can live the life you want. You just have to make it happen. Set goals and then work towards them. Given time, persitance and dedication it’ll happen!
      Acknowledge the negative and accept it. We live with negativity. Negative people, things, events, its always there. But the key to living with it is accepting it. Once you do that you can work towards a more awesome and positive life. Do what you can to change that negativity. Find the silver lining!
      Take risks. Live, don’t just exist. Life is scary. It is. But doing those scary things makes it all worth it. Take risks. Jump into life. (The photo below was something I did recently that I found terrifying! I went to a skate park dressed like that! It was scary! But I did it. And that is the main thing!)

      We all deserve to live amazing lives! And we can. We can be awesome. We can be extraordinary. You and me, we can do this together!!!


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    1. Thank you for a lovely inspirational post :), I love all your pretty pictures too...especially the Bluebells ones! I want to go back there x.