The Powder Room-Beauty Tips & Tricks.

Over the last few years I have grown to love all things beauty. It has grown through admiration and education and over the years I have picked up a few tricks I keep close to my chest.  On request of Nana Wintour I have decided to share a few of my top beauty tips.

1. Correctly applying skin care prior to make-up application is important. It can change how your make-up sits. This is a trick I learnt from Sharon at MAC Cosmetics in Britomart, Auckland. She applies my moisturiser and primers using foundation and concealer brushes before applying foundation in the same manner. 

The brush provides even coverage of the product across the skin stopping me from over using my favourite primer. They also stimulate and massage the skin more effectively than a quick wipe of the hands helping with blood flow movement.

2. Want make-up to last? Drink water. I work in an office all day long with heavy air conditioning and although I use primer and sometimes a setting spray the conditions are still having an effect on my skin.  My skin is becoming dehydrated and dry and literally drinking up my make-up.

Drinking water throughout the day made a huge difference for me personally. Over time my skin improved and my make up was lasting the distance. The water helps my body function to its optimum and helps my skin.

3. Invest in the correct tools. It’s amazing what the correct tools can do. They may seem expensive at first but in the long run it pays off. The use of a foundation brush for example over fingers can save you in product and the application will look better. The use of the correct bun pins with your Pretty Bun can result in a more polished look than with the use of bobby pins.  Sometimes it’s the small things that count and can help you lift your game.

4. I sew my plats. This is something I learnt from my horse riding days and it came about when I couldn’t find a hair band for my hair. When I plait my hair I believe there are only two ways to finish that plait, the first is to tease the hair on the end and applying a little hairspray.

If you are a fiddler it will not work however, this leads me to my second option, which is sewing my plats.  To do this it’s best to have a wax thread. The best places to buy these are from equestrian shops. After you have finished your plait you finish it off by sewing around the bottom and knotting it off to finish. This trick is seamless and tidy as well as having a very natural looking result.

5. My greatest tip of all time…. Using a credit card behind your lashes. This is my trademark beauty tip and I would like to copyright it! Basically when I apply mascara I hold some sort of plastic between my lashes and my eyelid. A plastic spoon or credit card works well (I use a Louis Vuttion VIP card). The lashes have nowhere to run as you apply your mascara and your eye make up is left uninterrupted.

I could go on forever and I’m no master of make-up however these are some of my top tips which I have picked up recently and the keep me looking fabulous on a daily basis.

-This post was guest written by Hannah Rogers of the blog HannahRogersx. The blog started in 2012 as Hannah utilised her talents for "being in the know"  and is primary all about Hannah's passions for Fashion, Film and Beauty. 

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