An evening's Fashion extravaganza

Thursday night saw the annual ROOKIE Fashion Show take place, featuring the work of AUT's Fashion Design graduates. This year's was bigger & better than ever, with the event being held in a warehouse space of sorts with a massive runway. It was a fantastic showcase & there was some absolutely stunning pieces in the collections as you'll see.

I was there on the night & had the chance to take plenty of photos. I realise they aren't amazing runway shots but do keep in mind that I have never taken photos like this before and/or used my camera to take runway pictures like this. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them!

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This collection opened the show & it was quite possibly my favourite.

Virgin Suicides vibes.


  1. Awesome photos Sophie!! It must have been one crazy amazing experience!!!

    1. Thank you Britney!! I have to thank Belinda for securing me such an awesome spot to watch the show from. It was incredible. Let's go next year! x