What I Love Weekly #28

1. It is November! I thought I'd start by stating the obvious, forgive me. November is going to be such a fun time & there are plenty of events & other exciting things to look forward to, many of which I hope to share here. Stay tuned...

2. A song I'm obsessing over at the moment is Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding. Along with Begin Again by Taylor Swift it hasn't been off repeat on my iPod this week. I love it.

3. Guest posting! Each week this month there's going to be Guest Posts from four rather awesome bloggers on my blog. They are; Mint Maison, Avenue MLemonwood & Honey, & Hannah Rogers. Keep an eye out for their posts from next week. I can't wait to share their content with you all.

4. Golden Wonder Bath Ballistics from Lush. These are quite possibly the best Christmas bath bombs, ever. Do yourselves a favour & get one to use in the bath this weekend. You will not regret it.

5. Wednesday Wanderings! Britney of Lemonwood & Honey & myself went on a culinary adventure of sorts this Wednesday. The highlight being a visit to Bluebells Cakery in Hillsborough for cupcakes & other sweet treats. It was lovely-both our cupcakes were amazing & the decor is gorgeous too. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in Auckland.

A delicious Vanilla cupcake from Bluebells. How cute is that plate it's on?

6. A YouTube video you should see: Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe. Even though the Southern Hemisphere is heading towards much warmer days there's always time in our lives for hot chocolate. Watch the video here.

7. And another: Muffy & The Big Bad Blog. Who remembers watching the cartoon Arthur back in the day?? Well it's still going strong! Mint Maison & I were having a good old yarn about this episode. Watch it. It's actually rather amusing.

8. It's just 6 sleeps until ROOKIE 2012! Rookie is AUT's Fashion Graduates runway shows & it never disappoints. I can't wait to see everyone's designs being showcased.

9. "Let the beauty we love be what we do."

10. IFB's Guide to Fearless Blogging. As I said last week IFB always has fantastic articles on blogging & the ways of the Fashion world in general. If you're a blogger or fashion enthusiast you should definitely pay their website a visit.

11. Eyelash tints. I've always wanted my lashes to look a bit darker & right now they do, thanks to a lash tint I had on Monday. It makes them look a lot fuller too & I may be converted...especially since I've been thinking about eyelash extensions all week since!

12. Last but certainly not least Dear Colleen's newsletter revealed that she has been working on a calendar for 2013! It is very cute & illustrated so each month you know what yummy produce is available to have in your pantries if you live in New Zealand. It is such a neat little calendar & I may just have to get one for my wall.

-I hope you all have amazing weekends! Soak up the sunshine with a good book & a playlist perfect for singing & dancing through the daisy adorned grass.

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