Monday Marvel #19: Feel Pampered and Pretty at Lucy and the Powder Room

A little pampering every now & then does just the trick, especially at the end of a long week or in my case University Semester. I've been subscribed to Flossie's daily beauty emails all year but whenever a deal came along I'd never have the money for any of the treatments I wanted, until recently.

Lucy & the Powder Room in Newmarket! For those of you who don't know, Lucy & the Powder Room is a beauty parlour haven where you can go to relax & unwind surrounded by; exotic flowers, porcelain cats, comfortable couches, vintage vases, fashion magazines and every rejuvenating treatment you could want. This is the home of serious skincare brought to you by the specialists. Stepping into Lucy & the Powder Room is like entering what I'd imagine a 1950's beauty parlour to be like, it is just gorgeous.

My deal was fantastically priced too, I had the Eyebrow Shape & Tint, Eyelash Tint & Medi Skin Treatment for $55 instead of $130. This was an offer that was simply too good to pass up & thanks to a Flossie discount voucher in their newsletter that week I saved a bit more. 

So what were my thoughts? I thought these treatments were all fantastic & I was really impressed with the beautician who did my treatment. Unfortunately I can't remember her name which is terrible of me. I am absolutely awful with names. My favourite was probably the eyelash tint, I already have dark lashes but now that they are darker they appear a lot thicker & my mascara looks more effective when it is applied. 

The skin treatment I had was also fantastic & my skin hasn't broken out post-treatment, which usually happens to me. My therapist also didn't try to 'sell' me any of the products she was using which was a positive for me as well.

So would I go back to Lucy & the Powder Room? Absolutely, I will be keeping an eye on Flossie & waiting for this deal to become available again.

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  1. So pleased you enjoyed it Sophie! The offers on Flossie.com are quiet-time ones, so they come up all the time. Keep your eyes peeled! xx

    1. Thanks Jenene. I loved Lucy & the Powder Room+these services so I'll definitely be heading back there sometime soon!