The Reading Pile

Around this time of year I normally want to read a lot more & catch up on films or documentaries I've missed during the year, mainly because I have a whole lot more time to do so! Also naturally with the holiday season approaching, plenty of new books are being released which is always a good thing.

In case you hadn't worked out already today's post is a wishlist of books I plan on reading & buying over the Summer. If you've read any of these leave a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tim Walker Storyteller. This book was released to accompany Tim Walker's most recent Photography Exhibition. Like Pictures, the book combines Walker's photographs, pages from his scrapbooks & descriptions of his work. I've already had a look through this book once or twice & it is stunning. There are so many beautiful images included in this book & it is well worth a look if you like fashion & whimsical photography.

Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington. You may remember Grace Coddington from the September Issue, she is the Creative Director at American Vogue. When I heard Grace was writing her memoirs I was really quite excited. She has countless years of experience in the Fashion Industry & knows how to tell a good story so I'm sure this book will live up to its expectations.

An Extraordinary Theory of Objects: A Memoir Of An Outsider In Paris by Stephanie Lacava. I saw this book on Eva Chen's (Beauty Editor of Teen Vogue) Instagram & was curious so I did a bit of googling. The book contains a series of illustrated essays which tell of Stephanie's move to Paris at a young age & her struggles with anxiety & depression. Encouraged by her father through trips to museums and scavenger hunts at antique shows, she traces an interconnected web of narratives of long-ago outsiders, and of objects historical and natural, that ultimately help her survive. I don't usually read books like this so I'm looking forward to reading something a bit different for once.

*On a side note, this book isn't fiction-I misfiled it by mistake! 

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I've been wanting to read this coming of age novel for a long time & now that a film adaptation is about to be released it seemed a perfect time to order this online. It tells the story of what it’s like to travel that strange course through the uncharted territory of high school. the world of first dates, family dramas, and new friends. of sex, drugs, and the rocky horror picture show. of those wild and poignant roller-coaster days known as growing up.

-You can purchase all of the books mentioned in today's post online from Book Depository who ship free internationally. 


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