20 Ways To Brighten A Not So Sparkly Day

So regular visitors to my blog will notice that my weekly loves list is absent today. The reason being that this week hasn't been the most fabulous. It just felt wrong writing up a list of things I've loved this week when I wasn't being genuine.

We all have days or weeks when the complexities of life will get us down but you needn't feel this way.  Remember nothing lasts forever. I hope this list of 20 ways to make your day sparklier will help you in some way. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to write your own list.

Without further ado...

Photo by Britney & Nails by the lovely Leah. I chose this because having my nails done always brightens my day without fail. Also these are my current nails & they are so pretty+sparkly in person. I can't help but smile seeing them.

1. Go for a walk or run, whichever takes your fancy. I personally prefer walking but you can do whatever type of exercise you fancy. It's no secret that the scientific factors of exercise result in a happier, healthier person. Even if the last thing you want to do is leave the house exercising will make you feel a lot happier, guaranteed.

2. Call someone on the phone. Don't just send a text message to someone-that is so common! In seriousness, getting your troubles out in the open can often make you feel a lot better afterwards. Plus you'll have an extra person who will (hopefully) willingly offer you advice & support, should you need it.

3. Write a letter. If it is handwritten you get extra bonus points. When was the last time you wrote someone a message that wasn't via Facebook or Email? I love writing letters to people I don't see very often & then waiting for their response back. For even more bonus points you could decorate the letter, make it personal with photos of you & the recipient or sprinkle glitter in the envelope. Who doesn't love glitter?

4. Make a vision board. For those who don't know, a vision board is basically a place for you to display visual representations of your goals, dreams & anything that inspires you really. They are great to remind yourself why you are working towards a particular goal & to provide inspiration during tough times. Be sure to display yours somewhere you can see it!

5. Watch one of your favourite childhood films. A little bit of nostalgia every now & again is not a bad thing. If you're rewatching a movie that you literally haven't seen since you were a kid is always fun to pick up on adult humour that you may not have noticed before.

6. Apply a bright lip colour. Happiness is a bright, bright lipstick. I love wearing my bright pink lipsticks when I want to make the day a little bit sunnier. Also, bright colours tend to make other people smile too. Wins all round.

7. Read a favourite blog. Look for the posts you love or posts you may not have read before. Visiting pretty blogs with gorgeous pictures & wonderful writing is such a mood raiser. Try it sometime.

8. Recreate a beauty look from YouTube.  Beauty Tutorials are fun to watch & are one of the best ways to pick up useful tips & tricks on makeup application. Tanya Burr's Glitter Eyes is worth a watch.

9. Start a compliments journal. It is always vital to hold onto compliments, they're often the best pick me ups. Start filling up a notebook with any of the compliments that make your day & then bring it out when you're feeling gloomy to lift your spirits.

10. Make a playlist of your favourite songs. Plug in your iPod, turn the volume up loud & let yourself get distracted by plenty of radtastic tunes. Music is one of the best medicines out.

11. Head outside & take some photos. You could do this on your walk or perhaps wander around your garden taking snaps of nature. Either way, taking photos is fun, a distraction & allows you to take notice of things that you mightn't otherwise see.

12. Dress in your craziest clothes. Throw on some gorgeous makeup & your brightest smile. Head off to take some style snaps or outfit detail shots. Hey presto, you've just channelled your favourite fashion blogger & had fun doing so.

13. Turn off your phone, unplug your laptop & step away from technology. That probably sounds like social suicide to some people but sometimes one of the best ways to feel better is to not stay tuned to the humble brags of the Facebook & instead focus on you. Do something that doesn't involve technology: read a book, do some sketching, make collages. The options are endless!

14. Make a reading list or if you don't read make a DVD list. This could be of books or films you want to watch again or ones you've never seen before. Have a night in with great books & magazines, some good DVDs & delicious snacks. How's that for relaxation?

15. Go window shopping or online shopping. Make a real or pretend wishlist of must-have items. Start saving for those you really love & continue to dream about the rest. Even if you don't get the items on your wishlist it could still inspire you to start looking for similar, more affordable options for example accessories or makeup dupes.

16. Create a photo wall. This is one of the best & cheapest ways to brighten up an otherwise empty space. You'll find that you have way more fun than expected choosing pictures & arranging them perfectly.

17. Look through old photo albums. Old photos & childhood memories captured by film, who doesn't love revisiting those? Sure some of the outfits can be forgotten...Anyway this is a guaranteed good time & bound to put a smile on your face. You could even frame your favourite old time snaps for round the clock nostalgia.

18. Watch YouTube videos. Happy ones of course. Tanya's '10 Ways To Feel Happier' video is a great place to start.

19. Visit Pinterest Quote boards. Some of the most inspirational gems can often be found on Pinterest so get searching! Jot down your favourites for safe keeping.

20. SMILE. It may seem like your day couldn't get much worse but things can & will get better. Seek solace in the fact that nothing has to last forever & that everything will be ok in the end x.

-I hope you've found this post useful!! If you have any tips on how to brighten up your day then feel free to leave a comment below & I'll publish them here. Have a wonderful weekend & a special thank you to all my new likers & commenters this week, your feedback has made me so cheery xo.


  1. When I am feeling low I defenitly like to take a bit of 'me' time away from technology!! Its the best thing ever I find. Giving yourself a chance to re.. I don't know. re-something!!! Terrific post! So helpful!!

    1. Oh absolutely, I completely agree with you. I wanted to say recharge but that makes us sound like appliances, as does refresh. Haha, rejuvenate perhaps? Or revitalise?

      Thank you for your early morning feedback!! x