Macarons en Vogue

Chanel is synonymous with tweed, Prada with quirkiness, Lanvin with elegance, and McQueen with theatrics. Just as that is all true, Harrods is synonymous with luxury. Just the sheer size of it all suggests extravagance (7 floors, over 330 departments.)

For their ‘Style to Savour’ campaign, the British department store looks to food and fashion—an area I like to call foodshion—, and draws parallels between the two. After all, is a dusty pink Ladurée macaron not as beautiful as a S/S 2012 Louis Vuitton broderie anglaise dress in the same shade?

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In my eyes—and in Sophie’s also, I think—food and fashion are equally amazing, and can be art forms in their own right. Just as the goal of any artist is to perfect his art, be this man a couturier or a pâtissier, Harrods’ goal is to perfect their art of being experts in the finer things in life.

I’ve never been to Harrods, nor have I ever set foot in London, but with such beautiful campaign imagery and such a well-rounded range of goods, I’m finding it very hard to resist stowing myself away in someone’s luggage and boarding a plane headed straight for the mother country. And I’d do so simply to put on an expensive dress and eat macarons, without a care in the world. I might add that my being a male would make that last part quite an unusual image.

 -Today's guest post was written by Nusardel of Mint Maison, a journal-format blog about men's fashion and lifestyle. 

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