April in Pictures

Well April, you have been awesome and awfully fast! Maybe it was the never ending stream of deadlines this month but I swear it feels like it was just last week I was making Creme Egg hot chocolates.

Here's a little look at what my Instagram (@nanawintour) captured this month. Apologies for the collaged pictures. Emailing them from my phone was easier this way than sending them all one by one.

-Divine Macarons made by this talented lady.
-My Printstagram order arrived! This works out really cheap and they arrived exactly a week after I ordered them.
-The makeup brush lineup at Mecca Cosmetica Ponsonby *insert rays of light*.
-A beauty lust list of sorts that was blogged about here.
-Paper stars at one of my younger cousin's birthday parties.
-I saw, I swatched, I walked away with this YSL lipstick. With money off vouchers and YSL discount that day it would've been simply rude not to.

-All the blues on the Karen Walker rack in Miss Smith's Closet. I'll take one of each!
-What I Wore: An Anzac Poppy, Stars & Spots from Country Road & a smile.
-The nail lineup: Essie Absolutely Shore, Essie Sugar Daddy, Illamasqua Speckle and OPI Rainbow Connection.
-A little Lush haul all in the name of pampering and a future blog post.
-A retail therapy themed face of the day.
-Pretty lingerie that arrived in the post from Emma Highfield. Stay tuned for a post next week!
*I hope you all have a fabulous week. Sorry for the briefness of this post. My MacBook is currently away for repair which is a bit of a pain but there's not a lot I can do about that. If you've emailed me I will get back to you soon if I haven't already! xo

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