What I Love Weekly #50

1. It is officially the mid-semester break! This seems more exciting given the week of back to back deadlines I've just had. You get the idea though, basically I am really looking forward to some time off, catching up on some sleep and getting a bit more blogging in than usual.

2. That moment when you get out of a rut and suddenly have a list of plentiful ideas and inspirations sitting in front of you.

3. This interview with the delightful Carey Mulligan on her upcoming performance in The Great Gatsby and her acting career so far is well worth a read this week. It's also worth having a look at those beautiful, Gatsby inspired pictures Mario Testino captured of her as well. They are stunning.

4. Diptyque's Ofr├ęsia Eau De Toilette was spritzed yesterday and I love it. The fragrance contains notes of Black Pepper and of course Freesia. It smells amazing but has a sadly hefty price tag. Diptyque also do beautifully scented candles too. They're on the 'when I win the lottery' shopping list as of now.

♥ This is one of the pictures I took for a photography assignment recently. It's one of my favourite pictures and features Britney in her delightful ModCloth frock. 

5. Makeup brush cleaning tip: Let your brushes dry upside down. This stops water dripping down into the brush head which can actually cause brushes to shed hair. Thanks for the tip Lily.

6. Over the weekend I reached one of my blogging goals for the first quarter of the year which I am extremely happy about. So thank you everybody that is reading this blog and following my posts through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. All your liking and commenting really does make me smile xo.

7. So this song has made its way back on to my playlist this week. It's a great one to sing along to. It has also reminded me that I still need to read the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy, yes I'm a bit behind..

8. Fellow skincare lovers you need to read this interview with Caroline Hirons, a skincare blogger who has worked in the industry for 16 years. Her tips on how to improve your skin's appearance, what ingredients to avoid in a skincare regime and more had me whipping out my pen and paper to take notes. This is well worth a read and I've already sent some gel based cleansers off to new homes because they can trigger problematic skin. 

9. Burning candles to de-stress. Not only do they smell amazing but you get the additional benefits of being able to perfume your home and relax. On high rotation this week is The Glasshouse Company's Vanilla Candle. It is the Peter Alexander smell & this is what they are often burning in their stores.

♥ Have an amazing weekend everyone! I'm surprising a friend for her birthday tomorrow (it's ok she doesn't read this blog), sleeping and making plans for the two week holiday xo.

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