What I Love Weekly #48

1. Joining the conversation. This week I've been using my blog's twitter a lot more, to chat with other bloggers basically. Twitter's such a great platform for connecting with bloggers & friends overseas, I love it! Do you too want to join the conversation? Follow me here.

2. Winning Top Post this month at #nzgirlbloggersclub. It was an unexpected but exciting surprise & definitely made my day on Tuesday.

3. Fact; I love eyeshadow & NARS so it won't be any surprise that I have fallen head over heels in love with this palette. There are so many shades in that palette I've been wanting to own+try for a long time & I think it'd be a great Winter staple. Should I get it? That's the question..

4. My blogging bible (see below). This little notebook is where I house a list of products I'm trying out, blog post outlines, blog post ideas & then a variety of images & posts from other blogs that I've found inspiring. I love how it is also divided into sections & everything is so easy to find. If you're a blogger I highly recommend keeping a system like this, it really makes organising your content a lot easier.

The blogging bible itself 

5. Anna blogged a rather swoon-worthy list of London's top Beauty Landmarks. It'll leave you wanting to drop everything, pack your bag & jet off to London as soon as possible. Have a read here.

6. Walks in the sunshine are the best mood raiser especially in Autumn when it's starting to become cooler. 

7. Maria blogged this series of questions telling us all about the face behind Avenue M.  If you're a fan of her fashion & blog then pour yourself a cup of tea, sit down in your comfiest chair & have a read of this post.

8. Those moments that turn your day around when you most need it. 

9. Thinking of starting a blog or want some extremely helpful advice on how to maintain one? Isabella of Views of Now posted a video sharing her advice on the topic. She also keeps a notebook organising her posts & ideas. One thing in particular that she mentioned was to make sure you find your niche from the beginning. If you don't love what you're writing then there's no point creating a blog about it because you will lose steam & run out of ideas. I'd highly recommend having a watch of this, even if you aren't completely new to blogging.

10. Beauty bargains! Translation; Miniature sized products, discount days & money-off vouchers make for one winning combination. There will be more on this in a post over the weekend.

11. Last but certainly not least my friend Hannah gave her blog a rather, lovely (pun intentional) makeover recently. You should definitely check her blog out. Her Easter Hot Chocolate recipe is divine & if you're quick you may still be able to grab some Creme Eggs before they disappear from the shelves.

♥I hope your week has been fabulous! Mine in truth has been a bit of a mixed bag of sorts but hey, variety is the spice of life. This weekend I will: Attend a birthday party, finally order some Printstagrams, Work-Work-Work (2 weeks until semester break!) & maybe do some reading+DVD watching of the non-academic kind. xo


  1. Thanks for the mention!! You're such a sweetie!! xx

    ps I love your notebook. It's sooo cute!



    1. Thanks for your lovely comment as always! That notebook is so gorgeous, I think I'll have to get another one because mine's getting pretty full already. xo

  2. such a cute post!
    that notebook is so lovely:)
    Emma xx

    1. Thank you Emma :). I ended up getting another of those notebooks today while I was out so I'll have another to use when mine gets full x