The Reading Pile

I do love a good recommended read. There's something reassuring in knowing someone else has enjoyed a book and that you are likely to as well. I'm often scribbling down book titles to investigate from blogs, magazines, even Instagram. A good book can also have me reaching for a notebook to jot down future post ideas. Here's what has been on the reading pile as of late..

The Notebook has sat gathering dust for some time, particularly as the movie had a rather lasting effect on me. This is a story of a lifelong romance, retold through the pages of a notebook kept by a woman who wanted to remember it all. This is such a beautiful but sad story, it is a Nicholas Sparks novel after all. Fans of the film will love this as will anyone who likes a classic love story without the sappiness. 

Cupcakes and Cashmere was spotted on Lily Pebbles blog and after a flick through Emily Schuman's blog this was being searched for among the depths of the library catalogue. The books is inspired by Emily's blog Cupcakes and Cashmere and is split into seasonal chapters. Each section contains a checklist of fashion pieces to have, beauty for the season, how-to's and recipes for seasonal parties. This book is beautifully presented and reflects Emily's blog fantastically. If you're already a fan of Cupcakes and Cashmere then this is definitely worth tracking down.

Rounding off the reading pile is Allure. This magazine is near-impossible to track down, only one store I know of locally stocks it, but it is well worth searching for. Allure is the beauty lover's dream and the whole magazine is essentially devoted to beauty with a little bit of fashion thrown into the mix. This issue contained a breakdown of Mila Kunis' makeup look, how to depot your makeup, interviews with top makeup artists, behind the scenes of Mac Cosmetics and more. If you love beauty, want insider knowledge, expert opinions and more then you definitely need to keep an eye out for this.

So I'm off back to the tea drinking and page turning of my current reads, Blog, Inc. in case you were wondering. Additions to the reading pile are always welcomed, my pen and paper are on standby awaiting more recommendations to jot down.


  1. Love Allure magazine! Such a shame it is so expensive :S - I find their website often has many of the same articles. Although there's nothing like having a beautiful, heavy magazine! Anna x

    1. Allure isn't too expensive, at least the sea freight editions aren't. It's just a pity it's so darn difficult to find here!

      S x