What I Love Weekly #49

1. "Being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren't." That quote is from the late Margaret Thatcher, a truly inspiring leader. If you haven't seen Meryl Streep portray her in The Iron Lady that could well be worth a watch this weekend.

2. Kids birthday parties! They have the best food, ahem, lolly tables, decorations & games. Attending one makes me want to make a kid's themed cake just for fun & also Marshmallow Pops from this post.

3. Kate Sylvester's 'The Last Sitting' collection shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney on Tuesday. The collection was inspired by Marilyn Monroe & some of the men in her life; white shirts (Arthur Miller) & baseball caps (Joe Dimaggio). I loved the floaty silhouettes, in particular a salmon pink dress & some classic floral print black & white button-down shirts. Mac also did a gorgeous bright pink lip for these looks using their Candy Yum Yum lipsticks & two fuschia lip pencils. Click here to see some pictures of the collection.

4. A new blog discovery. This one's called I Covet Thee & is penned by British beauty & fashion blogger, Alix. She posts fantastic reviews, beauty & fashion looks to recreate & more. If you're looking for product reviews her extensive product directory is also fantastic, check it out!

What's on my bedside table in the way of reading & nighttime beauty essentials.

5. Colestown Chocolate is a quaint little chocolate shop that does the most delicious handmade chocolates, ever! Their chocolates are seriously divine & if you're ever in Auckland or like me & are in need of a chocolate fix then I suggest you pay them a visit.

6. After an Essie purchase recently I've been reminded just how great Essie polishes are, OPI may have been shelved for now. Anyway, I found this fabulous little interview with the Essie herself! She talks about inspiration for many of Essie's most popular colours, how her husband wears one of their pale pink polishes & many more stories of how she became a success. Read it here if you're a fan of those white lidded polishes.

7. With Winter approaching my skin & lips have been becoming a bit dryer. Thankfully Origins Drink Up Intensive mask has been there to remedy the former. My skin loves the stuff. More on that Monday, but if you're curious you can get some advanced reading done here.

8. This breakdown of some of the top outfits in the first season of The Carrie Diaries. Who else is crossing their fingers for a second season? 

9. Doing my own manicures & by that I mean giving myself two feature nails. Dreaming up colour combinations, layering glitter polishes over paler shades-there's something very therapeutic about it. I just wish I was as good at painting them as the nail artists!

♥ Have an amazing weekend everyone! I'm off out & about to various places, planning another pamper evening & counting down to next Friday when it will be the holidays! xo


  1. Lovely post! Yes, I'm so hoping for a second season of The Carrie Diaries! I literally loved her Prom Dress. thought she looked gorgeous! Christina xoxo

    1. Thank you Christina! Yes they have to do another season, there's so many unanswered questions! Her prom dress is amazing, I actually gasped out loud when I saw it on my screen. The styling in that show was flawless.

      S x

  2. Sophie, you always find the best blogs - I just had a quick look at I Covet Thee and it seems fantastic! I'm going to give the Essie interview a read too. Oh I hope that the Carrie Diaries will be back for a second season. Fingers crossed!!

    Hannah xx

    1. Hannah you leave the nicest comments! Her blog is fantastic & so are her videos. They're not too long either which I like. Definitely cross fingers for Season 2!! See you on Tuesday xo.