What I Love Weekly #51

1. Rainy nights indoors watching movies, drinking hot chocolate and reading blog posts equal my perfect Wednesday night this week.

2. This article about The Circus of Fashion makes for some interesting reading. Street Style photography at local fashion weeks is nowhere near what it is like overseas so it was interesting to learn about the spectacle that is. It also raises some interesting questions about the evolution of bloggers and our increasing accessibility as outsiders to fashion week.

3. Listening to songs from the Singstar games with friends and still knowing all the words. We're quite good at memorising lyrics, just don't ask about our Call of Duty skills.

4. Product of the week #1: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks. Anything matte just seems to not mesh well with my lips and these are about as far from matte as a lipstick formula can get. The colours are sheerer than opaque lipsticks-perfect for everyday, they're creamy and last pretty well. I've had one of these in my bag at all times this week.

My Autumn Pinboard

5. Product of the week #2: Real Techniques Blush brush.I actually use this for powdering rather than blush application and it works so well. After a bad experience with a powder brush I replaced it with this considerably cheaper alternative. It applies product really well and is super soft. Their kits would definitely be worth having a look at if you're after some new brushes.
6. The perfect Nutella and Banana muffin recipe from here. My swirling technique definitely needs a bit of work but these taste delicious and are really quick and easy to make. Perfect when you have to whip some baking up last minute or just want a sweet treat to have handy.
7. My current beauty organisation system. Thanks to some culling and crafty use of storage space my products are all really easy to find and displayed nicely as well. More on that next month.
-I hope you've all had a fabulous week! From next Friday 'What I Love Weekly' will be taking on a new format which I hope you'll like xo.

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