Wintour Wishlist

Given that the nights are definitely beginning to get a lot cooler and my jumpers have begun to emerge from drawers it seemed appropriate that I started to think about Winter outfits. After a quick glance through my wardrobe it came to my attention that I actually don't possess a great deal of Winter clothing. Before you know it I was hunting around the mecca that is online stores and compiled this list of items I'd quite like to join my wardrobe..

After mourning the end of the now sold out cat themed collection by Twenty Seven Names it seems to have become my mission to find fashion items that reference cats. I do love my tights in winter and these are just the cutest! I am also particularly lovestruck by that dress, the Parka which gives me Alexa Chung vibes and dusky pink shoes a la Kate Middleton.

This relaxed peplum top looks really lovely, so I'm rather dismayed to see it has since sold out online. Hopefully it comes back in store. My bag hunt continues and I think I've finally stumbled upon one I like a little closer to home (watch this space). Yes, I am still lusting after this NARS palette for Winter, still..

So that's my wish list thus far. I am also still searching for the perfect pair of ankle boots but none are meeting my non-suede, not too high a heel expectations yet & some breton tees. Print scarves with spots & stars are also taking my fancy too.

♥ Have an amazing week everyone! Mine will be consisting of assignments, deadlines & maybe a few mini pamper sessions thrown in to de-stress that mix a little.  


  1. I lurve that skirt!! So pretty and yes those tights are cute. They'd make an 8am class so much more bearable!

    1. They would! I think I definitely need to get them x

  2. Replies
    1. They're gorgeous right?! The more I look at them though I see Batman & not cats :(. I didget some cute spot ones in Country Road tonight though x.