Brilliant Blogs, Edition 3.

It's no coincidence that every time this post is done, a New Zealand blogger is featured. The standard of Fashion Blogging in our little country is particularly high. It is perhaps thanks to Isaac Hindin Miller, Isaac Likes to bloggers and tweeters alike, that this is the case.

Isaac started his menswear focused blog in 2008 and since then his success has taken off. Isaac is a regular columnist for the New Zealand Herald during Fashion Week both locally and internationally, he contributes to T Magazine (a supplement in the New York Times) and most recently gained the title of Creative Director for Barkers brand Little Brother.

Isaac doesn't just post on Fashion though. He posts regular snippets from his life (The people he meets etc), and some weekly updates like his Facts of Life column, The Likes List and Good Question in which he answers reader's questions. All of which are very entertaining, Vanity Fair should hire him, just saying.

I was lucky enough to have Isaac answer a few of my questions about his work and style this week. The answers are below:

What's a day in the life of Isaac Likes like? Do you have any sort of fixed routine in terms of blogging + your freelance work? Or is it all rather spontaneous?

-Whatever I do really depends on the day of the week, which projects I have due, whether I'm busy with freelance writing jobs, Little Brother design work, blogging, shooting random videos with Katherine Lowe of Katherine is Awesome fame, taking meetings to get myself more work, interviewing people, consulting, etc etc. But usually it goes a little something like this: Wake up, eat breakfast (either granola or an omelette with corn chips), read emails, check out what's been happening on Tumblr, go to the gym, come home and write, meet someone for lunch, call my parents, talk to them for way too long, do some more work, have a meeting or write something more, then hang out with my roommates. It changes every day, but it generally includes one or all of the above.

Your outfits are always so well thought out and on trend. Describe your personal style.

-Since I wear pretty much the same thing every day, it's really easy to get dressed without thinking about what I'm going to wear. My personal style is all about a uniform. It's pretty schoolboyish and kinda conservative. I wear a blazer with a sweater, a button down oxford, cropped, tapered chinos and navy blue Chuck Taylors. It's always a variation on the same theme.

Who's your favourite fashion designer and why?

-My favourite brand right now is Ovadia and Sons because they basically make a better version of what I wear every day.

Thank you so much for answering my questions Isaac! Nana Wintour likes you.

*For more Isaac Likes follow his Twitter & if you have questions for him then you can submit them here.

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-All screencaps have come directly from the Isaac Likes blog.

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