What I Love Weekly #1

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week's haven't been too crazy, and if they have that you get the opportunity to put your feet up a bit over the weekend. What you're about to see is a brand new feature to the blog. It will eventually be replacing Monday Muse in June.  For now though it'll be posted on Friday's.

Too often in life we as human beings tend to focus on everything wrong with our days and lives. In doing so, we tend to forget all the great things that happen to us. So each week it is my aim to bring you a record of the things that made me love the week that was.


1.  Those amazing, talented, beautiful people I call friends, especially when they're there for me just because they can be. I was feeling really flustered this week (see 2), and one of my dear friends was there for me a lot. I really appreciated it and it made me relax, to a degree. So thank you xx.

2.  Overcoming challenges. Yesterday I handed in the hardest assignment I've done, EVER. Usually I like essay writing (yes, I am weird), but this made me cry, literally. So when it was completed, printed and handed in I had to pat myself on the back. There is nothing more satisfying than conquering something you've found extremely difficult, trust me.

3.  This happened on Tuesday (see below). NZ Girl has profiled one of my posts before, but this really made me so excited and it was such an honour being their featured contributor for the day. Thanks ladies!

4.  Cups of tea in teacups. So simple, yet such an indulgence. I always feel slightly more sophisticated drinking tea this way.

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