Today I went window shopping at Gorman and my mind purchased...

1. Moving Mountains pocket print dress. $269.

2. Flamenco jacket. $349.

3. Beaded bracelet. $169.

4. Wallis skirt. $169.

5. Wanderlust print skirt. $189.

6. Licorice allsort heels. $160.

-All product images are from here.

*All pricing is in Australian dollars.


  1. Ah, window shopping - one of my favourite pastimes. When a jacket costs $350, you can't really do much more than wish for it, especially as as student. Not only have you put together a set of items which every girl should have, you've inspired me to document my window shopping through my blog. Now that minimum-one-post-per-day standard I was hoping to reach seems slightly more... reachable, especially because I wish for things forever. x

    1. That's exactly right. Wish for, touch the fabric, try it on & then daydream. x