Random Things-My Card Collection

I've been collecting cards and letters sent/given to me for years now so it's hardly surprising that I enjoy buying and saving cards from places I visit.

Here's a selection of my cards. I probably have about 30-40 and unless I have duplicates, sending them on isn't an option! They are gorgeous, inexpensive mementoes and make fantastic reference points for archiving+pinboards. 

These are six of my favourites, although really I love them all:

1) Cat postcard by Evie Kemp. This came with my lovely bornite necklace featured here. It has a cute little message on the back and reminds me of my Melbourne+Sydney holiday last year. Holiday+Necklace=Good times.

2) Bunny Cat by Bird in a Bunny Suit. This comes from one of my favourite New Zealand illustrators and was purchased as part of a bundle at a craft fair.

3) Lily Cole photographed by Miles Aldridge from the National Portrait Gallery. This is from one of my favourite galleries in London. I'll have to go back some day.

4) The Beatles photographed by Linda McCartney. Again this came from the National Portrait Gallery. Check out their online store. There's a great selection available and if you're ever in London you cannot leave this off your itinerary!

5) Dorothy True by Alfred Stieglitz. This comes from MoMA in New York. It is one of my favourite photographs and has made multiple appearances on my pinboard.

6) Queen Elizabeth II silkscreen by Andy Warhol. This was from a series of three from memory at the National Portrait Gallery. This print really does the actual work no justice, but like the previous card it gets a lot of screen time on my pinboard.

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