A Very Vintage Day: In Photos.

I can't believe the holidays are nearly over, and that the Very Vintage Day out was nearly a week ago! Time moves too quickly these days.

With two theatre spells last week and the fair I naturally did quite a bit of dressing up. This is what I wore to the fair. I am pleased to report that there were lots of elegantly dressed ladies, many sporting red lips and of course dapper gents who dressed up for the occasion. I got frock envy a number of times.

Here's the rest of the photos captured of the Very Vintage Day Out:

 How we knew we were in the right place.

Stunning frock! B & I walked past this frock a number of times. It was mesmerising in person.

B made these delicious biscuits for our picnic! So good. Love all the colours on them.

 I loved the table display at this stall. So simple yet captivating. I wanted one of those Mermaid necklaces too.

The glittery, very beautiful $120 Vintage bag I had to walk away from.

Lovely Vintage attire for sale. 

I cannot for the life of me remember what this was. Perhaps a Clutch, but I liked the glittery material & the colour.

One of my Cousins just opened a cafe up the road from where I live & they sell Foxton Fizz, which is basically an old-school New Zealand soft drink. So it was perfect for our Vintage Day picnic. It is also very yummy.

Britney looked after her friend's stall for a bit! This was so funny & despite the photo, Britney took her duties very, very seriously.

The Very Vintage Day Out was an extremely fun filled afternoon. I enjoyed marvelling at everyone's attire, browsing the Vintage gems for sale and listening to music from days gone by. I even did a spot of shopping, which I've conveniently misplaced. I'll link up a photo of what I came home with though when I find my things. Thank you for coming Britney & thanks Evelyn for organising our tickets! We had a fabulous time.

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  1. hahaha! Thanks so much for inviting me Sophie! And thanks for snapping that photo :D