Oh What A Night! Jersey Boys in Review.

The New York Times dubs this show "too good to be true", and it almost is. How often does a Broadway musical make its way to New Zealand? With the arrival of Jersey Boys in Auckland, legions of theatre goers will be rejoicing.

Jersey Boys is the award-winning Broadway musical which charts the rise and fall of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. In New Jersey you had three choices; join the army, get mobbed up or become a star. It certainly happened for these four, who became one of America's biggest pop sensations of all time. By the time they were 30, the band had sold 175 million records. How's that for an impressive statistic?

With hits like Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry and Can't Take My Eyes Off You, audience members are surely guaranteed to recognise a song or two.

Going to Jersey Boys is something else. It is not a mere jukebox musical, but an unforgettable experience. Aside from the brilliant music, this production is slick. It's fast paced and has a wonderful script behind it.

Case in point;

Tommy DeVito: "Walk Like A Man, as opposed to what, a woman?"


Bob Crewe: "Look Miss Congeniality, it's a metaphor!!"

The costuming is also fabulous. M and I were awestruck by those gorgeous gowns and impeccably tailored suits. Major kudos has to go to the extremely talented cast though. Graham Foote (Frankie Valli at this performance), Glaston Toft (underdog Nick Massi) and Lisa Adam (the struggling yet quick-witted Mary Delgado) are a few names who stood out.

You do not want to miss this one folks. The show plays Tuesday-Sunday until the 17th of June at the Civic Theatre. Tickets can be booked via the Edge or in person at the box office.

Thanks M for coming with me and Skip PR for our tickets!

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Image Credits:

Both production images are of the 2012 touring cast and were taken by Jeff Busby.

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  1. I truly love that show. I grew up with my dad going on and on about how good Frankie was and I'm so glad he did. I too have searched endlessly for a biography of sorts for them, but never found anything worthwhile.

    As for Jersey Boys, I have seen it in San Francisco while tickets were cheap.. and London and both were amazing nights.