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I can't recall my first introduction to this week's muse, but I do remember the enormous impression she and her sister left on me. In fact, I very nearly met Ashley Olsen at a movie premiere once but she was unable to attend. True story.

Millions around the world will know Ashley as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs on the planet. She had book, TV, film and clothing franchises under her belt all before the age of 18, and is without a doubt one of the most recognisable faces on the planet.

It is in the fashion world though that Ashley places herself for now. Ashley and Mary Kate have always been fashion icons, starting from their early years when adult clothes would be re-tailored for their frame. Fast forward a few years and images of them on the streets of New York are conjured, structured blazers, oversized handbags and statement sunglasses in tow. These are some of the few international trends they are responsible for.

One of their newest labels, The Row is one of my all time favourites for classic investment pieces which are versatile enough to be worn again and again, and can be styled numerous ways. All those years of watching outfits being tailored to them must have paid off, their understanding of proportion is second to none. 

Ashley has outstanding work ethic and of course knowledge of Fashion. She's also had a scandal-free career which is a rarity among the Hollywood set, especially among child stars. I'm sure she will continue to go far.

"Like everything you put out there for the universe to see, it all comes back to you...Being aware of the world around you requires you to pay attention to everyone and everything. But in order to stay grounded, you have to stay true to yourself." -Ashley Olsen

"She taught me another way of being: I learned how to be affectionate. I learned how to compromise. I learned that tough love is not the only option." -Mary Kate on Ashley

Image Credits:

-Chanel backstage photo sourced from style.com.

-Street style images from We Heart It.

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