Dreams and Schemes.

This will sound incredibly cliched but Fashion has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My family are all extremely interested in sport, which has never appealed to me. Short sightedness, shocking hand/eye coordination, go figure. Fashion was always for me, which most likely stemmed from one of my aunt's influence. She has always had a wardrobe of designer things, and Vogue Australia was often lying around her house. Again, go figure.

Anyway, I've always wanted to study something Fashion related. Fashion's always been where my strongest interest lies so it makes sense to pursue it. Fashion design could've been an option. Unfortunately I cannot draw or sew so that was never going to work well. My degree I'm studying for currently doesn't really present the opportunity for me to reference Fashion, which is fine for now. When I heard last year though that Condé Nast would opening a College of Fashion in London something got me incredibly excited. There's already a College of Fashion in London, not to mention Central Saint Martins but this is different. This is Condé Nast, the publishing giants responsible for all the Vogue titles, Vanity Fair and so much more. 

Did I mention London is my 2nd favourite city?

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design is set to open its doors in Autumn this year, with courses beginning in October. On how I envy those lucky few who will be first through the doors! I cannot wait to see what they have to say about this institution. They'll be offering a Fashion Certificate which runs for 10 weeks and a year-long Foundation Diploma.

With alumni set to "leave the college with not only a vastly improved understanding of how the fashion industry works...and a greatly improved chance of attaining ambition" Condé Nast College looks set to  beckon many, including me.

Pages from the college's inaugural prospectus.

Will I end up there? Only time will tell, but with an institution like this existing it creates wondrous new opportunities and dreams for up and comers to the fashion world. I'd be extremely lucky to end up here, and it'll take extreme amounts of hard work and saving. What can I say? Watch this space!

I wonder if we'll all dress like this as students?

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-Welcome Pages & Prospectus Excerpts from the official prospectus.
-Models in Louis Vuitton SS12 featured in Vogue US, January 2012.

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