Why I should never wear heels.

I love high shoes just as much as the next person. Especially crazy statement ones. The bolder, the better.

Like these two pairs:

As you will learn though, flats and wedges are my best friends. I'm sure one day I'll be able to, and will have to master the art of high heels. For now though, here's why I steer clear of stilletto's, block heels and more.

1. I am clutzy. Therefore when wearing high shoes, I have to walk at a snail's pace to prevent any mishaps. Case in point; At a wedding last month there was an unanticipated gravel path. I was in platform heels, wedges so they were comfy, but that's not the point. 20 minutes later I reach the chapel sans broken ankles.

2. I am prone to daydreaming and letting my mind run away with my thoughts, particularly when I'm out and about walking. Clutziness and airy-fairyness do NOT go hand in hand. You never know when I'll lose track of where I'm going, not notice holes/bumps in the footpath. Yes, walking requires a lot of concentration and not so much multitasking. This is made all the more harder when an iPhone is within your grasp.

3. I often lose my footing even in flat shoes. I've never been able to work out why this is. Once I slid across a path in slightly raised boots, and it wasn't even raining! This can often be awkward when other people are around, even more so when witnessed by complete strangers.

So that pretty much encompasses why I avoid high heels at all costs. As I write this I'm wearing wedge heels, looking at pouring rain wondering what on earth I'm doing. Wish me luck!!

*Does anyone else find high heels a bit frightful? Comment below if you have any stories or tips to share. 

-Image Credits:

1) Miu Miu, Fall 2012.

2) Alexander McQueen, Fall 2012.

Both from style.com.

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